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Special Issue No 13

Kazakhstan celebrates Constitution Day

Category: General
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News Bulletin
Released by the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the United States of America

Special Issue No 13, August 30, 2008

Kazakhstan celebrates Constitution Day


Constitution Day is one of the most important state holidays in Kazakhstan.  On August 30, 1995 as a result of the nationwide referendum, Kazakhstan’s Constitution – the supreme national law – was adopted establishing the rules and principles of building Kazakhstan as an independent, sovereign,  economically liberal, fledgling democracy. All internationally recognized rights and freedoms are enshrined in the Constitution of Kazakhstan, thus making it a modern and progressive basis for a sustainable movement towards full-fledged democratic system and rule of law.

“We, the people of Kazakhstan, united by a common historic fate, creating a state on the indigenous Kazakh land, considering ourselves a peaceloving and civil society, dedicated to the ideals of freedom, equality and concord, wishing to take a worthy place in the world community, realizing our high responsibility before the present and future generations, proceeding from our sovereign right, accept this Constitution” – the first paragraph of the Kazakh Constitution reads.

The Constitution has recently been updated to keep up with the pace of rapid changes in the country’s political system. The gist of the Constitutional amendments approved in May, 2007 is the gradual ceding of powers by the President to the Parliament and a thoughtful move towards a parliamentary majority system. Introducing the amendments for the Parliament’s consideration President Nursultan Nazarbayev highlighted the importance of the proposed reform: “I am sure that it is the right time to introduce changes to the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and to begin a new distinctive stage in the development of our Motherland. I count on a pro-active participation of the Parliament in legislative support of the new stage of Kazakhstan’s democratic development.”

Historically, this holiday is celebrated all over Kazakhstan. Public celebratory events, festivals and concerts are held in all the regions of the huge country. Schools, colleges and universities hold educational lessons about the role of the Constitution and the rule of law. The Supreme Court representatives hold seminars in high schools to educate students about the significance and importance of the judiciary in Kazakhstan and the ways in which the country’s sovereignty, human rights and freedoms are protected by the Constitution. TV and radio shows are aired to cover a variety of issues related to the Constitution and constitutional development in Kazakhstan.


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