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First Summit of CIS Independent Directors to be held in Almaty, 27-28 November 2007


First Summit of CIS Independent Directors, 27-28 November, is organized by The Kazakhstan Independent Directors Association (KIDA).

Category: General
Posted by: admin

Summit’s main goal is to promote the initiative of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan to develop the institute of independent directors in the country. According to the Kazakhstan’s new legislation at least one third of the board members in a joint stock company should be independent directors.

It was proved in practice that availability of effective corporate governance system in a company can, in most cases, boost a company’s financial performance, provide for better quality management decisions and bring about other advantages. Delegates to the summit will discuss a number of current issues of the development of the institute of independent directors in the Commonwealth of Independent States, share their experience of introduction of the best Western practices in terms of independent directors operation, and hear success stories from Russian and Ukrainian companies.

It is envisaged that the summit will provide room for two days of plenary sessions and interactive discussions addressing the following issues:

  • What contribution in the company is expected from an independent director? Primary goals and objectives. Owner’s view. CEO’s view.
  • CEO, director and owner: how to capitalize on an independent director in companies?
  • Potential conflicts between independent directors and company’s management, solution methods.
  • To what extent the independent directors are independent?
  • Russian and Kazakhstan experience of introduction of Corporate Governance Codes in companies. How this influences the status of independent directors and company operations?
  • Whom to select as independent director in order to boost the company’s investment appeal?

For more information on the event and the KIDA please contact:

Zhanat Alimanov, Executive director
Kazakhstan Independent Directors Association
+7 727 320 13 25 /6/7/8/9/0 (ext. 122)