Categories: General
      Date: Nov 14, 2007
     Title: Kazakhstan to automate ATM testing with Level Four

BobsGuide, 7 November 2007

Level Four, a leading supplier of open standards-based ATM software, today announced that Kazkommertsbank, the largest private bank in Kazakhstan, will go live with its automated, end-to-end ATM testing and development software, ATM Developer, in November 2007. Level Four’s solution will enable the bank to design, configure and test new ATM content directly from a desktop PC for enhanced customer experience at the ATM. As a result, the bank will benefit from reduced testing cycles of ATM sequences for faster time to market of new services and drive operational efficiency. As the first bank in Kazakhstan to deploy EMV (Europay, Mastercard and VISA) smart cards and offer telephone and Internet banking to all of its customers, Kazkommertsbank is leading the region in its customer-centric approach to retail banking. The bank recognises that adding content to the ATM network can dramatically enhance its customers’ ATM experience as well as the bank’s brand image. End-to-end testing of the ATM network is crucial to ensure that customer’s ATM experience is not compromised when content is deployed.

Kazkommertsbank sought to replace its dedicated ATM machines for manual network testing with a more time efficient, cost effective and reliable solution with comprehensive reporting capabilities. In particular for testing new services prior to implementation. The bank selected Level Four’s ATM Developer because it enables automated testing of multiple requirements simultaneously without costly hardware. From a desktop PC, users can develop and test new content prior to deployment. With ATM Developer’s in-built regression testing capabilities, users can test the breadth of ATM transactions more rigorously, which leads to improved ATM network uptime for optimal customer satisfaction at the ATM.

Inessa Yespenbetova, director of bank cards department. at Kazkommertsbank, said: “Our strategy is to maintain our leading position in the Kazakhstani banking market by introducing new banking services to customers as well as improving operational efficiency. We believe that Level Four’s ATM Developer is a solution that goes a long way to helping us meet our strategic goal. Not only does it provide more thorough testing of the ATM network end-to-end but it also reduces our testing cycles prior to rolling out new ATM content to our customers.”