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Kazakh biofuel production can be twice cheaper than production in the US

By Vagif Sharifov, Trend Capital, 7 September, 2007

Category: Economy
Posted by: admin

Global biofuel market grows at 20-25 per cent annually, Deputy Agriculture Minister of Kazakhstan, Mr. Akylbek Kurishbayev said at the Kazenergy Second Eurasian energy forum.

“Recently we have seen intensive use of technologies for biofuel production on global scale”, he added.

According to the Deputy Minister, Kazakhstan has the necessary economic potential for the production and development of bio fuels.   

“(We can judge by) the growing domestic demand (in Kazakhstan) and huge export potential, free spaces for growing grain and oilplants, technical and human potential”, Kurishbayev said at the Forum.

He said that using common wheat for the production of bioethanol is most appropriate in Kazakhstan’s climatic conditions. According to the Deputy Minister by using low-quality wheat (1 million tons) and unused grain leftovers (about 1.9 million tons) only Kazakhstan can produce 1 billion litres (812,000 tons) of bioethanol by 2010. At the second stage can involve long-fallow lands to allow for the production of some 2.1 billion litres (1.7 tons) of environmentally friendly fuel.       

“Kazakh biofuel production costs are expected to be quite low – 10 per cent lower than in Brazil and 1.5-2 times lower than in the United States or Europe”, - he stressed.

Kuryshbayev claimed that even adjusted for the domestic demand, export potential of Kazakh biofuels will amount to 3-6 billion litres annually.