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 February 2024 

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Kazakhstan's Food and Traditions

Kazakhstan's food and traditions are a reflection of our country's unique ethnic and religious composition. With people of more than 100 ethnic groups practicing 46 different religious teachings, one can only imagine a wide variety of cuisine art and cultural rituals that form the rich mosaic of our everyday life.

What's most remarkable is that such diversity brings to life the intertwining and mutual enrichment of cultures and cuisines.

People of all ethnicities come to enjoy the traditional Kazakh dish 'beshbarmak' (see article below), the pilav (the traditional oriental dish with meat and rice), Russian pelmenis and blinys, Korean spicy salads and the noodles of the Uighurs.

Our people welcome their guests to try their food and to enjoy our hopitality.
It is common in our traditions to welcome guests to their houses, to treat them to our best cuisine and, generally, to treat each other with genuine respect and appreciation.

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