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 February 2024 

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Kazakhstan plans to attract almost USD 21 billion in electric power development by 2015, says "KEGOC" president

Kazakhstan plans to attract about USD 21 billion in electric power development by 2015, Mr. Almasadam Satkaliyev, president of JSC "Kazakhstan Electric Grid Operating Company (KEGOC) said at the Kazenergy Second Eurasian energy forum in Astana.

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"Total investment volume needed for the electric power development amounts to nearly USD 21 billion by 2015", - he noted.

KEGOC president stressed "electric power consumption in Kazakhstan by 2015, according to forecasts, will grow by 60 per cent and amount to 124.5 billion kilowatts per hour". At the same time technological equipment of currently operating electric power plants, according to Satkaliyev, allows increased energy production only up to 80 billion kilowatts per hour. "In such conditions we plan to provide necessary enlargement, modernization and the construction of new sites, thus not only providing electric power for Kazakh consumers, but also enhancing export, transit potential and reserve capacity", - Satkaliyev said.

He reminded listeners the government has developed an action plan for electric power development up to 2015, which sets up a list of sites for reconstruction, modernization and construction.

Extract from a news report of the Kazakhstan Today news agency