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First Ever in-depth English Language Guide to Kazakhstan to be released in March

Odyssey Books is to release the first ever in-depth English language guide to Kazakhstan this March.

By Bijan Omrani

Category: General
Posted by: admin

Odyssey Books is to release the first ever in-depth English language guide to Kazakhstan this March. Written by Dagmar Schreiber, an expert with over 14 years of experience in the country, and with contributions from other specialists, this unique 568-page volume is set to become the definitive work on Kazakhstan for years to come.

Lavishly illustrated with over 300 colour photographs and 19 maps, the book contains everything from travel information, to sections on Kazakhstan’s Silk Road and nomadic past, to chapters on business, natural resources and commerce. The book will act as an invaluable resource for business visitors to Kazakhstan who seek to better understand the country’s culture and potential. It will also highlight the enormous potential that Kazakhstan has for tourism, and highlights the country’s great beauty, culture, and diverse history, right up to the achievements of the present age.

Schreiber describes the many attractions of the country for the intrepid and less-intrepid traveller. According to her, all sorts of pastimes are available, from trekking across the boundless steppe, adventure skiing amongst the stunning mountain scenery, lakes and wildlife of the lush Tien Shen and Altai Mountains, visiting the ancient mosques and caravanserais of the Silk Road, or the amazing treasures of the museums of Almaty, and its graceful Bauhaus architecture.

The work was produced in association with the Embassy of Kazakhstan in the UK. It also contains a foreword by HRH The Duke of York, in his capacity as Patron of the British-Kazakh Society. In it, he stresses Kazakhstan’s great promise in the areas of business and tourism by writing: “Kazakhstan now features increasingly on business people’s travel itineraries; but the riches and beauty of its vast and varied geography have yet to be discovered by more than a relatively small number of intrepid travellers. I have been fortunate enough to have seen at first hand some of Kazakhstan’s imposing mountain scenery, the beauty of the steppe and the majesty of its desert, rivers and gem-like lakes. The country truly offers travellers a unique combination of adventure, history, culture and legendary hospitality – all set against a backdrop of pristine landscapes.”