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Russia values its partnership with Kazakhstan

According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Russia highly values its partner relations with Kazakhstan, the Embassy of Kazakhstan reports referring to a news article by the ITAR TASS news agency.

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“Today, we can rightfully claim that these relations are model,” Minister Lavrov stated at the conference entitled “15 Years of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Russia and Kazakhstan: Results and Prospects of Cooperation” held in Astana on Tuesday.

“As good friends and neighbours, Russia and Kazakhstan respect each other’s interests in political, economic, military and other” dimensions, Lavrov said.

He cited the energy sphere as an exemplary element of bilateral relations.

With the increased role of energy in their foreign policy, “Russia and Kazakhstan are increasingly active in their cooperating in the development of fuel and energy complexes. This fact is also important as far as “providing energy security in Eurasia and on global scale, as well as energy supplies to world markets” are concerned.

“Our countries are reliable partners in this area, and they consistently meet all their obligations,” Lavrov said.