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Navy to help Kazakhstan with security

United Press International, 8 October, 2007

A top U.S. Navy commander met with officials in Kazakhstan in an effort to help the country's fledgling naval and border-security operations.

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Vice Adm. Kevin J. Cosgriff, commander U.S. Naval Forces Central Command U.S. 5th Fleet, met with the officials in Astana, Kazakhstan, the largest country in the NAVCENT area of responsibility to discuss the range of activity needed to build and sustain a ready and relevant force in the region, according to the U.S. Navy.

The trip was Cosgriff’s first visit since assuming command of NAVCENT/C5F in February.

“One of the challenges the U.S. Navy has historically faced and has repeatedly managed to successfully overcome is how to take a force that was designed for one type of work and apply that force to be successful in a new mission,” Cosgriff said, in a statement. “We have learned how to continually adapt to the changes demanded by changing times, and this may be of interest to Kazakhstan.”

Officials say Cosgriff made an effort to draw similarities of the challenges facing Kazakhstan in the Caspian and Persian Gulf states and that Kazakhstan could benefit from NAVCENT experience in the Gulf.

“I think the challenge for Kazakhstan is pretty complex,” Cosgriff said. “You must educate the public that the Caspian is Kazakhstani territory, and you must have a vision of a Kazakhstani navy that exists within the foundation of other forces, such as the Border Guard Service. Then you have to get the money for your concept, and then the people. And you have to do it all at once.”