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President Nazarbayev advocates UN Peacekeeping Financial Fund and initiates Eurasian Energy Supply Pact at UN General Assembly session

Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev once again called for the world community to approve the UN Peacekeeping Financial Fund earlier endorsed by UN Secretary General.

Category: Politics
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“UN peacekeeping efforts remain the most efficient tool of peaceful settlement of regional conflicts”, President Nazarbaev said at the 62nd session of UN General Assembly.

“15 years ago, Kazakhstan from the same venue voiced the initiative of enhancing the UN peacekeeping potential. We suggested that the UN Fund should consist of voluntary contributions amounting to 1 per cent of countries’ defence budget programs.”

Nazarbayev also hailed General Assembly’s decision to make the climate change issue a priority topic for the current session and once again suggested that Aral Revival Fund should be given the status of a UN institution.

He once again called upon world leaders to pay attention to the Astana initiative voiced at the Johannesburg Sustainable Development Summit to create a UN register of environmental problems. “Such a document would help to work out mechanisms to respond to environmental disasters,” he said.

Explaining his country’s energy policy President Nazarbayev stressed that Kazakhstan favours stable energy supplies in Eurasia. “Kazakhstan is completely conscious of its responsibility for maintaining global energy balance and security”, he said.

“With a view to assist the further diversification of energy supplies and provide guarantees for energy producers, Kazakhstan suggests that a Eurasian Energy Supply Pact should be passed,” the Kazakh leader noted.

President Nazarbayev indicated that the Caspian region “plays a growingly significant role in the international energy market.” He reminded listeners that his country is currently ranked seventh in oil reserves in the world, sixth in gas reserves and second in coal reserves.

“By 2017 Kazakhstan will rank among top ten global oil producers. Kazakhstan is also ramping up gas production. With our significant uranium reserves, we will play a vital role in the nuclear power industry,” Nazarbayev highlighted.