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Kazakhstan: Building a Competitive Economy and Defeating the Resource Curse, University report

H. Stephen Gardner, Professor of Economics, Director of McBride Center for International Business at Baylor University presented his report on Kazakhstan on 21 September at the international economic forum in Astana.

Category: Economy
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“During recent years, the economy of Kazakhstan has developed at an impressive rate, and national leaders have set ambitious goals for the nation’s continuing development. This work began in earnest in 1997, when Kazakhstan began to recover from a long transformational contraction and President Nazarbayev launched the “Kazakhstan 2030” program, calling for a social-market model of economic development, blending he best aspects of Anglo-Saxon individualism and Asiatic collectivism. In 2006, after six consecutive years of rapid economic growth, the President again raised the stakes, calling on Kazakhstan to join the ranks of the world’s 50 most competitive countries within a decade.

What is the current position of the Kazakh economy? How does it benefit from petroleum production, and what special challenges are generated by this sector? What must be done to improve the competitive position of Kazakhstan in the world economy, and what should be done to prevent a natural resource “curse”? These are the issues addressed in this paper”.

Please click on the following link for full text of the report http://www.inform.kz/showarticle.php?lang=eng&id=155301